Boost Cold Pressed Juice
Boost Cold Pressed Juice

BOOST Cold Pressed Juice 8 x 250ml Case


Ingredients: Apple 58%, Beetroot 26%, Pear Puree 8%,
                 Lemon 5%, Ginger 3%


Boost is a cold-pressed juice blend of apple, beetroot, pear, lemon and ginger to give your day an extra boost. An excellent source of energy and daily goodness.

Beetroot is an excellent ingredient to help detoxify your body, while ginger lowers your risk of heart disease. The convenience of Veg Out Boost makes it the ideal way to consume important and valuable nutrients, that help boost your overall immune system.

Squeezing and freshly pressing our fruits and vegetables the cold-pressed way retains the nutrients and goodness from these raw ingredients without adding heat or pasteurisation treatments. To keep it even fresher, the juice undergoes HPP (high pressure processing) to preserve the vitamins, minerals and great taste.

Veg Out juices stay fresh for up to 50 days.