REJUVENATE Cold Pressed Juice 8 x 250ml Case


Ingredients: Apple 48%, Carrot 47.5%, Lemon 2%,
                 Ginger 1%, Turmeric 1%, Cayenne 0.5%


Rejuvenate is a cold-pressed juice blend of carrot, apple, ginger, lemon, turmeric and cayenne to help you wake up and shake up your day. Nurture your body from the inside out.

Veg Out Rejuvenate is the ideal way to lift your immune system in times generally associated with weakening immune systems, such as in winter. Carrot helps to boost immunity while also working to protect your liver, while cayenne helps aid digestion and fight infections.

Squeezing and freshly pressing our fruits and vegetables the cold-pressed way retains the nutrients and goodness from these raw ingredients without adding heat or pasteurisation treatments. To keep it even fresher, the juice undergoes HPP (high pressure processing) to preserve the vitamins, minerals and great taste.

Veg Out juices stay fresh for up to 50 days.