Why Veg Out

Welcome to Veg Out!

Veg Out was born in 2018 under the Sunshine Juice Ltd company. Sunshine Juice was founded by Paul Walshe in 1998 and own the brands, ‘Walshe’s Really Fresh’ and ‘Veg Out’. We are based in Tinryland, County Carlow.

We decided to create the Veg Out brand to meet the increasing demand of today’s health conscious consumer seeking a tasty, easy option of consumers one of five-a-day fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet.

We produce our Veg Out juices by using HPP which means all of our juices are cold pressed. This means that no heat is used in the making of our juices which allows us to give you the most nutritious juice possible.

At Veg Out, we want to give you the best juice full of goodness to fuel your body. Our mission is to enhance your daily life by giving you delicious and nutritious juices that are packed full of goodness as part of a heathy balanced lifestyle.

In today’s modern world, we are so busy that we barely have a second to think about our next meal, let alone the nutritional benefits of them. We wanted to find an easy way for you to get those nutrients in, on the go, without having to think 10 steps ahead – all you need is a Veg Out!

Award Winning

As an award-winning company, we pride ourselves on producing our juices here in Ireland. Our juices are cold pressed and 100% natural, using only the best quality fruit and vegetables – including Irish apples, Irish carrots and Irish beetroot when they are in season from local farmers.
Veg Out is the perfect way for you to increase your fruit and veg intake…and still enjoy it, so what’s not to love! Veg Out today!!!